Homeage to a TC Online Hero

A Collection of Jim West Odes

bgreen5's Anniversay Thread

There is a young man from Decatur
For Odes he has been a long waiter
To his great surprise
These words greet his eyes
This Ode comes not sooner but later

An ode by Jim West to zaknafein There is a young fellow named Zak He hinted that I should come back Some day I may play But life's in the way For now it's alas and alack
whitson77's thread about asking ladies the funniest way they've been asked a question If beauty you should recognize And wish your sweetheart to apprise Then whisper to her words so wise "You are engaging to my eyes."
lee espinoza's thread about no longer being considered a minority Hispanics are coming, a lot A foothold and more they have got The land they once owned Retaken and zoned And all without firing a shot
DougF's thread about his daughter getting into trouble There was a young girl on this day In trouble for something they say As cute as a bug With cookie and hug She melted her daddy away
An ode by Jim West in nachonaco's 10 Questions thread Into her first novel immerse The genius evil in verse Events may unfurl She conquers the world Undoubtedly we could do worse
An ode by Jim West in the bgreen5 Love In thread There is a young fellow bgreen Whose writings are thoughtful and keen I've urged him to write A novel that's bright To earn him some profits obscene
brgreen's YAMM thread There once was a man with a YAMM Did not like green eggs and ham His posts were deleted I think he was cheated But YAMM haters don't give a _ _ _ _
DaveBogart's thread about What he used to do There was a young fellow named Dave Relief from TV he did crave With lots of advice He thought once or twice And then returned to his cave.
wendiness1's thread about being assigned a new address There is a young lass up the street The postman she soon hopes to meet To ask "Where am I?" His witty reply To move without moving is neat
pianoman's thread to remind me about something There was a young man without mouse Not helping would make me a louse So Richard take heed It's optical you need So buy it and bring down the house
An ode to Mavenelle in her Swang Song thread There was a young lass Mavenelle Who over us all cast a spell Her posts were a hit We'll miss her bright wit We hope her life's plans prosper well
An ode by Jim West in the Richard/Lady Love-in Thread It's nice to be cuddly and sweet Be friends to all that you meet A beacon of light Of whom do I write? Of Richard and Lady-our treat
Jim West in his Happy Birthday thread in 2005 There once was a fellow named West Remember his birth with a jest Or even an Ode To brighten the road And make his big day quite the best
TreborPugly's thread about weapons and being a kid There was a young man with a knife And near him the danger was rife As daggers did fly The angels would sigh And struggle to spare his poor life
nachonaco's thread about having the Coolest. Day. Ever. There was a young lass on a rope Repelled down a 30 foot slope To thundering cheers She battled her fears The mystery, how did she cope?
Samara's "I'm Board" thread I thought that I would never see A poem lovely as a tree Some famous poet, not me, Wrote this. It is still true, despite Samsara's best efforts.
dslunceford's thread about his leaving his job of 8 years for a new job There is a young fellow named Steve Informed his boss, "I must leave" New job, better pay Now Steve can go play And leave his old boss time to grieve
scottjf8's thread on his 5000 YAMM There is a young fellow named Scott With 5,000 posts, quite a lot His hospital stay Has now gone away Along with the unwelcome clot
TiVoOpsMgr's thread on his 1000 YAMM Stephen had a little YAMM That only he did know And everywhere that Stephen went The YAMM was sure to go But when the time to post the YAMM Approached without fanfare Stephen missed the great event And left his YAMM quite bare Belated YAMMs don't have the zip They neither shout nor chime They're barely even better than This poor belated rhyme
bareyb's thread about losing 105 pounds There is a young man bareyb He lost a few pounds, golly gee To state it quite true Lost more than a few And now all his toes he can see
minorthr's thread on his 1000 YAMM A meaningless milestone this week One thousand posts as we speak Three years to achieve The norm I believe But just a month's work for young SMeek.
Steavis's thread about his getting engaged There was a young man with a girl Their romance went by in a whirl Proposal, no less The answer was yes Steavis engaged to a pearl
Lori's thread with an update on Pan Chun There is a young fellow named Pan A most remarkable man No matter the hill Climb it - he will And soon he'll be back with the clan
An ode to TC member digdug There is a young lad named digdug No avatar - can't see his mug Leave no unturned stone We'll make him well known This Ode is his personal plug
An ode about all the old-timers posting again Some folks have been posting for years We gather some boos and some cheers We post from our room Some use nom de plume Our title should be PIONEERS
An ode to Jim West by David Platt Jim West is one hell of a poet. For sure, he will quite often show it. But for reading the posts Before crafting his toasts, Well, I think we can see he did blow it.
whoknows55's thread about Clutchbrake being missing for a while Clutchbrake has been missing, alack Perhaps he's asleep in the sack His fate we must learn To soothe our concern This Ode might hurry him back
Nachonaco's thread about her father's birthday To be forty is very sublime Enough to encourage this rhyme While Ekims eats cake We hope for his sake His parachute lands on a dime
racer21's thread about his experience with a lady and a sandwhich in a movie theater The sandwich she brought as a perk In a dark movie she'd lurk Disturbing her peers With noise to their ears You tell me, who is the jerk?
Lori's 3000 YAMM thread I once wrote an Ode for sweet Lori Attempted to drape her in glory Three thousand posts later And still we can rate 'er A star in our forum's true story
gobiewankenobi's Limerick Thread There was a young man from Nantucket Saw a train and thought he would luck it His car a fast ride At crossing they tied They carried him home in a bucket
Samsara's thread about a splinter A splinter Samsara did find Presented some fear in his mind The point of this verse It could have been worse Suppose it was in his behind
rhuntington's thread about Soup or Salad There is a young man who likes soup Whether alone or a group But if he should slurp Or render a burp He soon will be out of the loop
Bryanmc's thread about zipper fly jeans There is a young fellow named Bryan Made 12,000 posts without tryin' He keeps us in stitches But trouble with britches Reduced him to screaming and cryin'
An ode to Jim West by Francesco There is a young man named West With a talent for rhyme he is bless'd Most of us, we are curs'd, I believe I am worst, Look no further than Jim for the best!
pcgrrll's thread about her daughter's picture in the news paper There was a young lass on a rope With gravity stress she could cope Her skill at the game Earned cover girl fame 'Twas more than her mother could hope
mt1's "How many TC members does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" thread There once was a bulb that was light It needed screwed in to be right The TCs convened Pondered and gleaned Got drunk before solving their plight
btwyx's thread about missing a YAMM There is a young man in a jam Completely neglected his YAMM Now we'll never know If wisdom would flow Or only the makings of spam
ScottE22's thread about his Big Job Interview There is a young man with a raise A powerbook due him in days A baby soon here The world full of cheer Not even soiled diapers can faze
timckelley's thread about his wife's checking account mistake With limited time poor old Jim His chances of Oding are grim But sometimes at night If the stars align right He churns out on Ode on a whim
Leon WIlkinson's Pain and Suffering thread There was a young man on a ladder He fell and it made him much madder His pinkie is sore His head aches some more And some missed his joke, that is sadder
timmyg's 500 YAMM thread There is a young man with a post He wishes to make it the most Be careful you see Don't hit the wrong key Or else your great post will be toast
rhuntington3's "I'm back from my vacation" thread Well Richard went off on a raid He and his relatives played With him gone, not cool So we passed a rule No birthdays allowed while he strayed
Marc's 1000 YAMM thread There is a young fellow named Marc He posted his YAMM on a lark To miss housing woes To Pittsburg he goes Perhaps a bench in the park
RickStrobel's thread about the birth of his son There is a young fellow named Rick He married a pretty young chick Along came a son But that's only one A daughter is next, that's the trick
jradosh's ode to Nachonaco after her surgery iodine makes her hair a sight and stitches itches every night. but nachonaco still will write her posts - witty, warm and bright.
AstroDad's thread about no longer being a newbie What is a bie that is new? Jan says it's one newer than you Regardless of rule No one thinks it's cool Dare call us a Newbie, we'll sue
Ekims thread about Nachconaco's surgery They opened her head for a look Found genius cells in a nook They did a repair Her humor's still there And Naco is smarter'n a book
timmyg1234's Rhyming Game Thread There is a young thread without rhyme The words have no rhythm nor chime A nostril you see No matching can be Such words to a poet are crime
Jim West on his birthday thread There is a young fellow named West This thread his birth will attest To hear from some pals The guys and the gals Just proves that his birthday is blessed
Saturn's 4000 YAMM thread There is a young man suffered pain He studied so hard for his gain The goal is quite near So soon we will hear He's master of all his domain
bgreen5's thread about a missing McDonald's thread bgreen's having fun it is said Pretending he can't find a thread Perhaps in the lurch While making his search He'll find his own needle instead
Kablemodem's YAMM thread A Rose is a Rose is a Rose A lover of poetry and prose If we bring a smile Just once in a while We're happy and hope that it shows
Kablemodem's YAMM thread There was a potato name YAM Ignored all advice as a sham Being naughty she peeled The male taters squeeled And captured her act with a cam
minorthr's thread about his kid playing with their Tivo remote There is a young lad with remote Someone his parents can dote With buttons to play He'll have a great day With TiVo remote he can tote
Thaed's thread about having a stressful day There is a young man with a wish Some soothing and beautiful fish Let's hope his luck's high No cats lurking by Or fish may become a fine dish
MonsterJoe's thread with pictures of his baby daughter Olivia's beauty in print Her future I'll give you a hint With beauty and brains The heights she attains Could make her a great president
Bryanmc's thread sarcastically complaining about YAMM thread's There is a young fellow named Scott Who pines for a YAMM while he's hot Well 350 plus Is hardly a wuss So here is a YAMM for his pot
Bryanmc's thread sarcastically complaining about YAMM thread's This YAMMING has got out of hand We'll soon have a team and a band With cheerleader YAMMS And quite a few hams It's just about all we can stand
whoknows55's 5000 YAMM thread Who knows what YAMMs are in store whoknows55 has some more If Raj tests his morals And rests on his laurels whoknows may run up the score
montag's YAMM thread So Montag has posted a YAMM With hardly a glimmer of spam He's been here a while And posted with style We thank the proverbial MAAM
Raj's 7000 YAMM thread There is a young fellow in town Whose status will never go down When Raj finds his spot There's gold in the pot He'll soon be a man of renown
omnibus' "If youse guys don't stop hijacking these threads I'm going to take my keyboard and go" thread There is a young thread with a theme It's going nowhere it would seem First yon and then hither Leaves me in a dither Perchance it is all just a dream
drewman's thread about procrastination Procrastination is an art And most of us can share the blame I plan to sure procrastinate When old death's angel calls my name
jsmeeker's thread about Satchel appearing in the newspaper There was a young man on a roof Tis true and not just a spoof We thought he had nerve Considerable verve And now we have visual proof
koki's "Joke of the day" thread There was a young man with some soap Too little, too many to cope His effort to stop Was quite a big flop Next time he'll get soap on a rope
Mabes' "Enjoy every sandwich" thread Man lives not solely by bread Inside there must be a spread The options are legion And differ by region The Earl of Sandwich so said
retrodog's thread reminding us that he's still around even though he now has a girlfriend There is a young man with a grin A pity date he did win Of her he's quite fond With tresses of blonde Let's hope there's no cat in her den
Ereth's "Happy Valentines Day" thread If I should write a valentine To all the ladies on the line I'd send you love to fill the day Wish you the best in every way With Ereth's flowers to start the day This little Ode add to the play Forbidden food - a little wine Not too bad a Valentine
Ereth's "Happy Valentines Day" thread A rose is a rose is a rose Delightful to eye and to nose By one or by dozen They keep the heart buzzin' While lauded by poem and by prose
retrodog's "Who killed Jim West" thread There is a young man who is pure Words were never said truer A pulse he still owns With meat on his bones The rumors of death - premature
dmagill's 100 YAMM thread 100 years is a century. A person 100 years old is honored. 100 pennies makes a dollar. 100 is an important number, so, yes, dmagill is now somebody.
Steavis' thread from his girlfriend Erica Now Erica thickens the plot As Steavis gives hints she's quite hot The forum's new task The skeptics must ask Is she a real person or not?
Fustanella's thread about Dan203's 11111 YAMM Dan, Dan, he's our man If he can't do it - forget it Based on old school yell - example: Jim, Jim, he's our man If he can't do it, no one can. [This is repeated for each of the local heroes on the team] In Dan's case, if he can't do it, it can't be done.
retrodog's "I'm suing David Bott" thread To summons poor David is crass He'll claim we're a class without class His lawyer will cross We'll be at a loss It's caveat emptor, alas
walters's thread telling us he is now a Master Inventor Now Walters has burst on the scene Inventions are known to be keen His next famous deed Invent what we need Perpetual motion machine
ManOfSnow's thread about getting engaged There is a young fellow named Snow No renter's insurance to show More needed to take Insurance to make Their marriage to prosper and grow
Ereth's "There is a thread, a merry old thread" thread There are some young fellows who rhyme With reason and words quite sublime Sometimes we may fail No need to post bail Lame poems are not a high crime
ybrew's thread about his problems with people in St. Louis There is a young man with a nag Nagged on til the nagee did gag Nagee pestered Two Two's face turned quite blue Dropped money in ybrew's cash bag
Damian's thread about him eloping Young couple decide to elope No in-laws to meddle or mope In honeymoon land Their life will be grand With money they've saved they can cope
emily's thread telling us she got promoted There is a young lass due some praise A Trainer no problem can faze Promotion's a hit But only if it Includes a tidy new raise
retrodog's thread asking for advice for Tj and his new girlfriend There is a young man in a whirl We hope he has found quite a pearl So soon he will learn To twist and to turn 'Cause no man can fathom a girl
macquariumguy's thread to tell us he's off on vacation There is a young man with elation He's off on a well earned vacation Airbrushes and paints Draw sinners or saints Return as an art world sensation
Jim's own thread with an ode to ehopper ehopper could set a nice pace He posted with wit and with grace In death he still gives As part of him lives In the hearts and the minds of this place
Ereth's "Silliness" thread The weather is getting quite chilly We're posting fun things willy nilly Expressing our wit The half that is nit And some might consider this silly
whitson77's thread about Bryanmc's son There is a young angel we know Who had us all feeling so low The prayers were sincere Best wishes were dear The heart of the forum did show The forum has granted her fame Each milestone will garner acclaim Now Bryan my friend There's time for an end You must give this sweet lass a name
ClutchBrake's "The new Ereth" thread There is a young person with powers With words to enliven the hours When Tori expounds Envision fine sounds While sentences bloom as the flowers And Ereth might turn a new leaf By trying to be wise and quite brief But habits die hard All hands be on guard C. Brown might explain it "Good Grief."
unixadm's thread about having over a terabyte of disk space at home There is a young man who is bright Enjoying a full terabyte You must understand His data at hand Any fact in the world he can cite
DaveBogart's thread about not smoking his pipe for 4 days straight Escape from the habit's no joke It's hard to resist that old smoke But if you succeed Then you will indeed Be able to breathe and not choke
Xaa's thread about himself being wrong There is a young man with a plight Searching for wrongs in the night Two wrongs he did find But just keep in mind Two wrongs do not make a right
QueenBee's 2000 YAMM thread There is a young lady named Bee On 9 and 11 she's free Her 2,000th post Permits her to coast Still Queen of this forum you see
walters "What's your thing here?" thread There is a young man in his prime Sometimes he is quick with a rhyme A poet I detect May get no respect Perhaps I'll upgrade to a Mime
retrodog's on jsmeeker's 13000 YAMM There is a young fellow named Meeker Of truth he is a true seeker He has fame galore And if he wants more Perhaps he could be a fast streaker
debtoine's "How may TC's does it take..." thread They gathered around in a buzz To think what a lightbulb just does Brad gave it a turn Said "Burn, Baby, burn Let there be light", and there was
Lori's "I hate Saturday's" thread Some people may sit and write code Others may just hit the road If I should get bored Right out of my gourd I'll knock out a miserable Ode
A thread about Tivo withdrawl Life without TiVo's a flaw Withdrawal is tough Withdrawl speak is rough I think I had better withdraw
Turtleboy thread about him taking a day off from the forum Return of the busy bee posters Knownzero defines them as mosters They must row the boat To hold it afloat Keep up with those old flying toasters
smak's thread about California There is a young fellow named Smak Who hid his face in a sack But now he's come out To govern no doubt By joining the recall attack
timmyg1234's "And then the duck said" thread There was a young duck in a lake Left ripples and waves in his wake A hunter walked by The duck quacked too high The quack was a fatal mistake
TivoRox asking about Jim in Ereth's "My most serious ever" thread There is a young fellow named Jim Who only writes Odes on a whim Now Ereth has the girls And poems like bright pearls The outlook for Jim is quite grim
Drewster's thread about the birth of his son The birth of a gallant young king Great things his presence will bring The folks will assemble Goliath will tremble When David comes into the ring
Steavis' "Unrequited love" thread There is a young man with a date Which proves it is never too late With breath that is bated The forum has waited To learn if love is Steve's fate
Philosofy's "You are banned from this forum..." thread There is a young man in the fold Whose Odes are written quite bold Replace him you bade But when he was made They threw away all of the mold
David Bott asking us to cut down on useless poll threads Now when is a poll not a poll? When it has no wit and no soul Dave's stated his case Make wise use of space Or risk being labeled a troll
A repsonse to Graymalkin in daperlman's thread about an Arkansas official There is a young fellow named Gray Poked fun at my state I must say Alack and alas Much time will need pass Before a new Ode comes his way
rhuntington3's YAMM thread There is a young man who's a whiz The Birthday threads are his biz Spring, summer or fall Remembers them all But does he remember -- his?
Samsara's "I'm so bored" thread There is a young Samsara guy So bored he comes dropping by Stirring up ghosts With whimsical posts Brought quite a big tear to my eye
Bradc314's thread about being on his own for a few days You party right out of your mind All kinds of excitement to find But watch where you go For all that you know Her detective may be just behind
cnshough's thread about killing ants Are we now in trouble perchance For killing those tough little ants? Should they go on a binge While seeking revenge We could find the ants in our pants
IndyJones1023's thread about his brother signing up on the forum There is a young fellow today Whose brother has led him astray Lured into this den We know not his sin His sentence - to stay here and play
Bradc314's "Where did Jim West go?" thread There is a young fellow named West Who wandered away from the nest With various loads Too busy for Odes While giving his poor brain a rest
JohJr's ode to Jim West Once in a flyer he comes home a veteran of TiVo Forum Shots for two are free but three is a mindset it's Jim and and he's free!
bobjohnson's ode to Jim West There once was a legend named West. Tis said his odes were the best. One day he just left, Leaving all quite bereft, Hopefully this ode passed his test.
Jim West responding to bobjohnson and JohnJr's odes In Oding young John has the nerve Then followed by Bob with some verve It's nice to be missed Much better than dissed And more than I really deserve
Ereth's "Valentine for the Ladies... " thread There are some bright ladies we know Who help make this old forum go On Valentine's Day We come here to say Our status is better than quo
retrodog 5000 YAMM thread There is a young man with a dog Made 5,000 posts at a jog If brought up to speed He soon would succeed In leaving us all in a fog
urggghh's "Saying thank you to Otto" thread There is a young man with a brain His leaving is causing us pain We'll miss his great wit Broad knowledge fast writ His life, we're hoping, will gain
Lori's "Alas, poor Lori. :)" thread There is a young lady named Lori New venture is quite a big story When riches she gains Her business she reigns We'll surely all bask in her glory
Dusty's thread asking for an update on ybrew's surgery There was a young chap with a stone Removal with hardly a groan While still under gas Ybrew had the class To post with his state of art phone
ybrew's "I don't understand women at all... " thread To understand girls is a breeze They're easy to court and to please Just meet their each whim With vigor and vim You'll never be faced with a freeze
Graymalkin's 4000 YAMM thread There is a young fellow named Gray Three years he's had things to say With four thousand marks Some cool and some sparks We hope he has come here to stay
BrettStah's "Eat my dust, Mr. Bott!!!" thread There is a young fellow named West Who once was seen posting with zest Then came overload His posting quite slowed And even young Brett will soon best
justapixel's flattery thread There is a young Pixie named Ann Of her we are quite a fan And then there came "not" Is she or he hot? Or just a big flash in the pan?
Mike Lang's "Congrats unixadm!" thread There is a young man now a Mod His brilliance has earned him the nod If subjects get rare Or tempers should flare He'll need to be wiser than God
trojanrabbit's "Happy Birthday rhuntington3!" thread There is a young man we all see He's known as rhuntington3 Our birthdays he knows Good thoughts he bestows His own we now honor with glee
ManOfSnow's thread about his birthday, his drivers license and the DMV There is a young man of Snow To DMV he did go Renew he would but He found the place shut To honor his birthday we know
TiVoPony welcoming aboard TiVoShanan There is a young lady with nerve Came into the forum to serve Sometimes it gets rough We hope she is tough And laughs when we throw her a curve
ybrew's about his wife's water breaking There is a new kid on the block He's bound to be a great jock The kid will excel Shoot free throws so well I'll have to retire in pure shock.